Research and development (R&D), the design/conception as well as the production of the TILDE® VOICE FIRST range are done in France.

Thanks to TILDE® VOICE FIRST, Orosound’s patented selective and directional noise-cancelling technology, users of TILDE® headphones can filter noise to select what they wish to hear, like the voice of a coworker they wish to exchange with, and therefore focus on their tasks effectively. Contrary to other consumer headphones, the TILDE® range permits the perfect balance between concentration and communication- without overlooking audio quality.

TILDE® VOICE FIRST headphones are made for professionals who are in offices, teleworking or any other kind of noisy workplace environment. TILDE® AIR earphones are lightweight, connectable via Bluetooth, and flexible: perfectly adapted to nomadic professionals. TILDE® PRO is a communication headset with a detachable boom-microphone, ideal for telephony. Its design is customizable, in versions supra or circumaural.

Yes! All TILDE® products are available for trying out at our showroom at Marina Square #03-140/141. We're open daily from 11:30 AM to 9:30 PM for all customers to experience TILDE® VOICE FIRST products.

Yes, you can use TILDE® VOICE FIRST products as they charge.

Of course. Thanks to 6 microphones dedicated to capture voice and wireless Bluetooth connection, calls take place with a freedom of movement.

All TILDE® VOICE FIRST products are usable through Bluetooth and with all types of  devices (smartphone, digital tablet, computer…) as well as all operating systems (Mac, Windows, iOS, Android…).

Autonomy is optimised for a full day of use, that is to say 15h if using both noise-cancellation and Bluetooth.


TILDE® PRO offers three principal noise-cancelling features:

→ noiseless telephony thanks to the detachable boom-microphone,
→ Selective Noise-Cancellation (TILDE® VOICE FIRST) to filter the voice from the person in front of you and facilitate collaboration,
→ Active noise cancellation (ANC) to isolate one’s self from noise and concentrate.

It is possible to use noise reduction while listening to music, to perfectly savour the HD audio quality.

Thanks to the R&D embedded on the headphone, TILDE® PRO discloses its cutting telephony performance. A directional capture of the voice thanks to 3 microphones, allied with selective denoising algorithm are embedded in the boom-microphone which:

→ permits to make clear and pleasant calls for the user, as well as his or her interlocutors, no matter the background noise.
→ ensures a confidential call, thanks to the removal of background noise and voices around which are usually heard by the interlocutor.
→ permits to attach or detach the boom-microphone via a patented magnetic system, in order to adapt the design of the headphone to each activity or place of use. 

The boom-microphone is easily attachable and detachable thanks to its magnetic system. To fix the boom-microphone, press on the edge of the “OROSOUND” removable cover to take it off, then magnetise the boom-microphone in its stead. For a perfect and optimum rendition on the telephony quality, bend the perch so that the wind screen/diaphragm is in front of your lips. 

The active noise-cancellation is adjustable from 0 to -30 dB. You can therefore isolate yourself from the noise or stay connected to your surroundings, with a simple swipe of the slider.

The accessories listed below are provided with the TILDE® PRO headphone:

→ interchangeable ear pads: circumaural and supra aural,
→ a detachable boom-microphone
→ USB-C cable,
→ an adaptable transport pouch.

A circumaural pad encompasses your ear for better comfort, and the supra aural design directly rests upon your ears for lightness.


TILDE® VOICE FIRST technology, developed and patented by Orosound, was awarded multiple times, of which by the Ministry of Research and the Directorate-General for Enterprise (DGE). 

This selective noise-cancelling technology is the very first to take the direction and nature of sounds (noise vs voice) into account, thanks to a unique signal processing algorithm. With TILDE® VOICE FIRST, it is possible to isolate yourself from noise all the while interacting with your surroundings.

Active noise cancellation (ANC) is a method which generates a “counter-noise” to create silence. This “counter-noise” is of the same range and is in phase opposition with the unwanted noise, so that both signals add up and cancel each other. Active noise cancellation supplements passive isolation and permits a cancellation on the whole audio spectrum.

Beyond being patented, the technology TILDE® VOICE FIRST was awarded multiple times, of which by the Ministry of Research, the DGE, Préventica & Expopriotection, as well as the European contest on working life quality, Spark Life. 


When in stock, products from the TILDE® VOICE FIRST range are delivered within 5 working days.

To profit from the right of withdrawal, it is necessary to return the product in good condition, in its original packaging, and with all accessories included. Damaged or incomplete goods will not be taken back. 

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